Teen Craze

My daughter is now 14 and has the attitude of a 30 year old. I don’t know how we quite got here in this place we are. Did I not pay enough attention? What did I do wrong? She seems to continuously test me and test the boundaries of this mother daughter relationship. Doing things I would never imagine her doing. She is very aware of everything in this world, and these crazy streets. The more and more I yearn for the days to return when she was filled with innocence, the more and more she shows me that she is growing up and I can’t stop her! I can dream of the day that her eyes open wide to the realities of this crazed world. Praying soon that cloud of darkness over her head, will soon shine beams of light breaking thru. I love her more then she would ever come to realize, and just want what is best for her. This helpless feeling is killing me inside.wwww

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